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World of Warcraft crashing with #132 error

by depprussell in World of Warcraft / Discussion


so i was told by blizzard to seek support from you guys since this problem only happens when I'm using the TriDef software, and not when i load up WoW without the basically when i launch WoW from the tridef program i can see the 3d in the log on screen, i can see the 3d in the character select, but when i load into the game the moment the bar reaches full the game crashes with the 132# error(for those who did not know, the 132 error is the generic Out of Memory error, that anything can cause from addons to anti virus software, and in this case the TriDef Software) now this is the only game I've ran into with problems, CoD: black ops, and star wars the force unleashed work fine, as far as I've seen, i just got this setup a few hours ago, its an the LG D2324P 3d Computer Monitor, it came with the TriDef software which I've updated to the newest version.
my system is more than capable of running this program:
Core i7 950
nvidia gtx 580
12gb of Ram
3x SSD's in raid
windows 7
I'm not sure how to fix this problem I've ran searches and no one else seems to have this issue. WoW is one of my top most played games, so it kinda sucks that its not working as intended. hope to hear from someone soon.(all though I'm heading to bed and won't back till lunch time tomorrow to reply)

Please help

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Thank you


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